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Jeanette's long bio. Edit at will.

Jeanette has spent over 15 years working at some of Australia's largest corporations, including ANZ and Origin Energy. Her career has spanned marketing, product development, strategy, digital innovation and technical communications, and she has led small teams through to multi million dollar projects.

Today, Jeanette is Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of The Hacker Exchange, connecting the next generation of Aussie founders to Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and beyond. She is also an instructor in marketing and presentation skills at General Assembly in Melbourne, a tertiary guest lecturer, and a returning speaker at Melbourne Knowledge Week. 

An advocate for diversity and education, Jeanette serves as a Melbourne Ambassador for the women of Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine, and co-created the Gingerbread Demolition non-profit event supporting Save the Children Australia.

With a Bachelor of Sociology, a Bachelor of Economics, and Post Graduate qualifications in Integrated Marketing Communications, Jeanette believes that the best results come from diversity of thinking, an abundance mindset, and a never-ending love of learning. 

A fan of all things future and food, Jeanette is the type to geek out over the latest tech announcements, go for a new cheese consumption record, and is often distracted by shiny new projects. 

You can find Jeanette tweeting at @jeanette_kc or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Coaching & Mentoring

I love helping people elevate ideas to the next level and inspiring action. Sometimes it's formal, and sometimes it's just over a coffee. 

If you're a founder, young professional, or need help dealing with being the "only [quality / gender / age group] in the room", I'm available for office hours. Email me at hello@jeanettecheah.com.