Oh, hi! Welcome to my page. 

I'm Jeanette, and I'm into marketing, strategy, innovation, diversity and community building. I'm based in Melbourne - and occasionally San Francisco.

Don't let my youthful features fool you (thanks, Mum!) - I've spent many years innovating within corporate Australia until my curiosity about the future led me to co-found The Hacker Exchange, which connects the next generation of founders and innovators to Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and beyond. 

Now, blending the excitement of the startup world with the power of the business world is kind of my jam - speaking, teaching, creating events and working in this space every day.

 Jeanette Cheah: Speaker, marketer, entrepreneur and gingerbread smasher.  

Jeanette Cheah: Speaker, marketer, entrepreneur and gingerbread smasher.  

“You rocked the room, and we really love you bringing your energy and expertise!”
— Emma, General Assembly
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Fireside chat with Instagram Queen, Gretta Van Reil, at The League of Extraordinary Women's "Run The World Tech-formation" conference.

“It is very rare to attend a presentation full of real-world examples and case studies at the end of every section.
— Ganga, Founder

Regular speaker, panelist and workshop instructor.


Industry mentor for RMIT's Fastrack Program & guest lecturer.

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Channel & digital product dev at ANZ Group Innovation.

 'Australia House' at SXSW 2018 with G'Day USA, speaking on a 'Tech4Good' panel.

'Australia House' at SXSW 2018 with G'Day USA, speaking on a 'Tech4Good' panel.

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Mid-smash at the Gingerbread Demolition, raising funds for Save The Children Australia (with Co-creator, Will Wightman). 

The Hacker Exchange Launch.JPG

Launching 'The Hacker Exchange' before the maiden trip to Silicon Valley.

“Thoroughly enjoyed attending last night. Jeanette was really insightful and enjoyable”
— Belinda, Entrepreneurs & Co

Sharing "My Year of Fail" at Zendesk.

Returning speaker for Melbourne Knowledge Week 2015 and 2016. 

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Panellist tor "Millennials and Engagement" at the Financial Services Council Leaders Forum.

Guest speaker for the Melbourne Business School Student Association, sharing "Loud and Proud, Improving your Presentation Game" with 300 students.


Moderator & Fireside Chat host for 'Run The World Tech-formation' 2017 and 2018

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Featured speaker at FuckUp Nights October 2016

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Presenting winning startup 'Choovie' with a boarding pass to Silicon Valley at Pause Fest 2018.


Hosting the Startup Expo at Pause Fest 2018, Melbourne.


Melbourne Ambassador for the entrepreneurial women of Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine - 45,000+ members worldwide.


MC @ Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine (LMBDW), "Wine & Women in Food". 

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Delivering "Nailing Your Elevator Pitch" for Melbourne Silicon Beach at 1000 Pound Bend.